We are Lion Catering s.r.o., a company specialising in producing delicious food for schools and corporate environments in Prague 4 and 6. Our wide range of products includes balanced, healthy and above all tasty meals that are designed for school and corporate catering. And that's not all! In addition, we also provide a convenient food delivery service directly to businesses and schools in these specific locations. We believe that our service is truly high quality and professional. We are absolutely confident that our customers are getting the best we can offer in the catering industry.

School and company catering play a key role in our daily lives. In schools, food is designed to provide children with the necessary nutrients for their growth and development. At the same time, it is important that children learn healthy eating habits that will benefit them in their future lives. In corporate catering, it is crucial to ensure that employees have the opportunity to choose from a variety of foods that match their preferences and dietary needs. Quality food at work can increase employee productivity and health. Many companies also try to promote healthy lifestyles by offering various activities and programs that encourage physical activity and healthy eating. Both dietary options have their benefits and challenges, but the common goal is to ensure that people have access to balanced and delicious food that helps them be healthy and satisfied. Whether it's school canteens or company canteens, it's important to make eating an enjoyable and supportive part of our daily lives.